NWP Podcast

A podcast for the people that crave unedited, raw, intellectual, ignorant conversations

Negus With a Podcast (NWP) was created to give the public a general, yet entertaining look into the thoughts and opinions of four young men from Detroit, MI. The host, JG, along with his fellow compatriots: Brandon, Kev, Dave and Trademark; these gentlemen are the individuals responsible for the “intelligent ignorance” NWP’s followers have come to know and love.

Amidst several hilarious, yet thought provoking conversations with friends, JG established the idea of creating a podcast and collaborated with his friends to bring his idea to fruition. BG took the initiative by providing both the equipment and shooting location; Dave and Kev contributed their collective intelligence and sheer ignorance; all of which combined with the creative direction of the producer/sound engineer, Trademark, the end product is NWP.

NWP’s mission is to cause its listeners to think, laugh, and become emotionally compelled to not only promote, but to become advocates and agents for positivity, laughter and happiness. So people, please like, subscribe, share, tell a friend ( to tell a friend), and come chill with NWP each week.